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One, two, pee, Goal!!


You’re wondering what this is? This is a toilet bowl in the men’s toilets in a restaurant. Men are supposed to pee, aim at the ball and score a goal in this football game. I’m not kidding. My imagination isn’t wild enough to make this up.

Some snails just decided they were too slow and took measures


Old platform shoes


Franco-American food


Seen this morning: madeleines with an Oreo stuck on them. They look like little hills from Combray with snails on top.

Yesterday morning in the suburb of a French city


Picture taken from my car, while in traffic jam. There’s a rational explanation to the presence of a Texas Long Horn here: there’s a circus in town. Still, seeing this on your way to the office seems like a hallucination.

Sorry it’s a bit dark but the sun was not totally up yet.

Funny sign


Beware of the mean and smart dog. 

Odd American Patriotism #3


Odd American patriotism #2



Don’t they know we’re going to put nasal mucus on this?

Odd American patriotism #1


I’m not judging here but for a French, this is odd.

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